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January 02, 2009



Happy New Year Kelly... Love the socks that pattern is fabulous... I want to do them... sometime or other...

I love all your New Year thoughts so I think I will borrow them and say DITTO!!!!!

Hugs for the New Year!


Brilliant sock pattern and good luck with the weight loss. It sure is a journey, I'm on that band wagon with you.


Happy New Year!! Hopefully we'll have Sockapalooza this year.


The socks are gorgeous and I've heard so much about them that I want to cast them on

Your little guy is positively going to be a heartbreaker with those eyes :-)

Have a wonderful and happy new year!!!


You knit those Leyburns fast! Looking forward to sharing another year of great knits and knit nights.
Happy New Year back atcha :)


I heart him!

Susan Petersen

oh, what a nice post. i want to crawl inside that purple yarn and go to sleep, it's simply lovely.


2 socks at a time... What an exploit!!! I don't think I would be able to do it:)))

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