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July 14, 2008



I was wondering what happened to you! Welcome back...


Now that I've seen November Muse knit up, I think I have to have some, you enabler you!!!! Seriously though, glad to see you back and hope all is well :-)


Thank you for commenting on my blog so I could find yours! COrrections is such an interesting field, but can be creepy to "outsiders":) Thanks for understanding! And for posting about the Aquaphobia - this sock is on my list to cure some pooling Yarntini I have tried to knit up several times - pools. Your sock is gorgeous! And the sweater too - I am loving this pattern myself!
a.k. Peaknit

p.s. are you on ravelry?


duh, I am sorry - I see you are on Ravelry in your post - I sometimes rush along when I see pictures of projects - oops!

em oh lei

hurray for your blogging revival!
I suspect there may be some pics of first yarns soon???

Druanna :o)

Love the socks they are amazing... I am a little begind on reading the blogs... but catching up...

Happy Day!

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