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February 06, 2008



Whoa baby. And I thought I had a lot of sock yarn. I'm not worthy. ; )


Beautiful stash! Hope your hand heals quickly. I know not being able to knit would be driving me crazy too. I knit to stay sane. :)


That is ALL sock yarn? Geez. Your craft room is inspiring. In our new house (here in India!!!) I have a room that I am claiming as a craft room. I can't ait to get it set up!!!!


Awwww....hope your hand heals soon so that you can knit properly.


Ooooohhhhhh!!! I am totally coveting your sock stash, how absolutely beautiful it looks in that cupboard too.


The stash looks bigger than when I last saw it. Is there some cheating going on with the yarn diet. I am pleased there are people out there who are very jealous - I just love the gorgeous colours.


With a sock stash like that, displayed so beautifully, it's no wonder you hacked into your cast to do some knitting (slow and painful as it may be). How much longer 'til the cast comes off? I hope it's soon. I'd be frustrated and impatient, too.


hmmm, perhaps you would feel better if the stash was a bit smaller? It is a sacrifice but as your best friend I would be prepared to take some off your hands if it meant less torment during your recovery....


it's been a while since I've had time to catch up - how crap-tas-tic. I'm really sorry to hear about your dog mangling your hand. Damn dog! LOL - at least you didn't hurt her (and she's so freaking cute)

But ya know, you COULD mail me some of that yarn - I'd be happy to knit some of it up! LOL (feel better soon!)


Wow! I am so jealous. The armageddon can happen and you can happily knit socks until the end of time.


I have been looking for a cupboard like that for the longest time. I just love how it displays your beautiful yarn. So jealous.


I am totally in awe of your sock stash - I can only wish mine looks like that someday.

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