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January 25, 2008



Yeah, but it's got you blogging again. Which is a good thing for us, anyway. Sorry, that's horribly selfish of me. I was just really happy to see you have a post up. And then to see you have an adorable new puppy, too! I love Wheatens and Ruby is soooo cute. I am very sorry about your broken wrist. That sucks for anyone, but is an absolute nightmare for a knitter. Sending bone healing thoughts your way!


Ouch! I'm sorry for your broken wrist but all I can think of are the sweet puppy licks trying to make it all better. Ruby is a doll.


Poor Kellie! Hanging out for the flash coloured cast that is to come, at least you can get a colour fix that way!


Fantastic - at least it got you blogging again.
Good thoughts for fast healing before going away to knitting camp.


She's so darn cute! Dogs are dangerous. ;) Mine tripped me up at the top of the stairs. I almost went tumbling down. That's one trip I do not want to make.

Hope your wrist heals quickly.


I too have a Soft Coated Wheaten named Henry. They are wonderful sweet dogs with a lot of energy. I'm surprised one of us hasn't been knocked off the stairs yet. He likes to race up them or down them. I'm fallsknit on Ravelry. You can see his puppy and adult pictures there. He is now 1.5 yrs old.


OOoooooHHHhhh! There she is!!!
Ah Door Ah Bull!
Sorry to hear about the trip though... I swear my kitty Clementine is always trying to trip me too!

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